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2020 at Ekkiden

Jan 13, 2021 3:20:24 PM / by Lois Barbassat

My name is Loïs Barbassat, I am a Dynamics 365/CRM Consultant. 

Once a year, I like to pause for a day to review my year. I like to know what I did well, what I could have improved, and I like to compare these results with the previous year.  


This last year has been very intens

e and I can barely count the number of projects I have been part of. Amongst many projects, we have launched two CRMs, for two very different clients. This year, I got new expertise on a Marketing Automation technology and on how to code in JavaScript. I have also developed a new technological offer for NGOs, Foundation and Public Services. Furthermore, we have created a collaborative workplace inside Ekkiden and secured it. 


I have even written technological articles to share my tips.  

We have been pushing hard, and that has payed of. 

 Comparing this year with my previous year was interesting. I used to work as a freelancer and joining Ekkiden was a big decision.  

On that day, I couldn't help asking myself: Could I have done as much if I were still a freelancer?  

The answer was a definitive no. 


The perk of working for Ekkiden is that you get to meet a lot of amazing people. I have grown as a consultant by working with remarkable Project Managers. They taught me how to get organized and how to conduct a project from scratch. They introduced me to new Agile techniques or help me improve my communication with C-levels.  

Besides, I got to work with other brilliant consultants, who shared their expertise on APIs, ERP or Web Services. Thanks to them, I have learned more in a year than what I would have learnt in an entire decade if I were working alone.  


I have discovered totally new areas of expertise. A Business Manager taught me how to get prospects and sales. Another one taught me about recruitment and involved me into some recruitment meetings. My CEO helped me improve my marketing skills and work with me on a CRM brochure. These subjects were totally new to me, and I am sure my colleagues spared me a lot of mistakes.  

I have also realized that I have been given a lot of autonomy. I have been managing the relationship with my clients alone. My CEO agreed on letting me start a technological offer, despite having no proven skills in that specific area. They trusted me to complete this project, despite all the risks that it involved.  

2020 has been a good year for me, thanks to the projects I have worked on and the people I have met. I have grown as a better professional, learned new skills and enjoyed my time. I feel like my work has contributed to the growth of Ekkiden, and I cannot wait to see what 2021 has got in store for us. 

I hope that I will be able to give back as much as I received this year.  


Lois Barbassat

Written by Lois Barbassat