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Adding value to your team: The meaning of Culture Add

Apr 26, 2021 12:43:19 PM / by Gabriela Suarez

Have you ever wondered how you would react if a co-worker doesn't do their part on a group project? Or how would you motivate someone on the team to do a particular task? Or even, have you ever thought on how do your colleagues benefit from your day-to-day at work?  

Although they seem ambiguous questions, all these aspects can come to define the culture of a company.  

But why is this concept so relevant within the recruitment process and community building? Keep reading to find out more! 🔍👀 


First, let’s go back to the 1970s when investigations were carried out with the conclusion that people are happier and more comfortable when working with co-workers who have similar interests and personalities, an idea that got great relevance in the coming years under the concept of cultural fit.  

For example, a company that is driven by individual tasks and independent projects would not be a cultural fit for a person who prefers to work as a team and in constant collaboration. 

People who work like us and who think like us. Sounds good, right? 🤔 

The truth is that, although this idea was promoted as a competitive advantage in many companies, within the world of recruitment it unconsciously became a filter loaded with biases that led to unconscious prejudices. 

However, today many companies have evolved to the new idea of cultural add, used to describe employees and candidates who not only value the culture and ideas of a company but also bring a positive aspect of diversity to the team.  


“Cultural add is a term used to describe employees that can bring a positive aspect of diversity to the team.” 


And in this sense, we go beyond the cultural term itself, since the added value is about including a variety of different profiles that allow the team to think outside the box, and that include aspects such as the values, interests or communication styles of the candidates. 

According to ForbesFacebook, Pandora or Atlassian are some of the great organizations that have reformulated their approach towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 

At Ekkiden we are also committed to doing things differently and expanding our limits. Teamwork is an intrinsic element of a healthy and sustainable organization, and that is why we are at the forefront of our culture.  

And so how do you make your team add value to their culture? Take note of these practical tips! 📝 

  1. Identify the values ​​and mission of your company. Create an action plan that allows you to define an evaluation of the culture of your organization that will influence the potential candidates who not only fit in but could be part of the cultural construction of the team. 
  2. Culture as part of the interview. Yes, the skills and experience of the candidates are key in the selection but try to go further by asking questions that assess the emotional IQ to get a better idea if the candidate is suitable for the team. 

LinkedIn offers some ideas that you can put into practice for your next interview. 🗯️ 

  1. Look for unconventionality. Incorporating people who see the world differently from us can lead to better results, as diversity specifically helps teams outperform homogeneous teams due to improved information processing. 

Curious to learn on how we interchange cultural fit with cultural add? 🤟 Check out all our best offers and take the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative team to unleash all your potential! 🚀 

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Gabriela Suarez

Written by Gabriela Suarez

Lead Community Builder at EKKIDEN