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How to keep learning in your professional life? Ekkiden's tips

Apr 20, 2022 5:15:28 PM / by Mélina Lhermite posted in Ekkiden


Student life... What a joy: the courses, the constant learning, the new challenges, so many things to discover, and endless opportunities to live every day! 💡

But as soon as we graduate…What’s next? Do we stop learning and training? Not necessarily, and we explain to you why.

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Ekkiden: the origins of a project as crazy as necessary!

Apr 7, 2022 2:48:58 PM / by Mélina Lhermite posted in Ekkiden, Startups


Have you ever wondered about the ideas around the creation and birth of a company? At Ekkiden, we bring you, our story!

So, here is our (beautiful) story that has led us to gather today around a common project that is a bit crazy, very ambitious but also, and above all, very fulfilling.

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The candidate experience: Changing the parameters of traditional recruitment process

Dec 13, 2021 3:00:07 PM / by Carin Kemp posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden


One key aspect during every selection process is to consider the candidate’s point of view, since not only the tasks and responsibilities of the position are considered when looking for a job, but also the values ​​and culture of the company.

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Startups or Corporate Companies? Discovering the best organization for you

Oct 22, 2021 1:48:56 PM / by Amal Boumalik posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden, Startups

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When looking to change jobs, several criteria come into play, such as salary, career development, or missions. But…

Do we take into account the size of the company? 🤔

To include the scope aspect in the decision-making, one must first have a clear vision of the benefits and challenges of working in a startup or in a large company.  

Although both environments are conducive to significant professional learning and skills development, there are certain distinctions between the two different-sized businesses. 

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The IT Recruitment Evolution: Overview and Challenges

Aug 19, 2021 2:00:48 PM / by Carin Kemp posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden


Digital transformation is a revolutionary phenomenon that is constantly changing. But is it a passing trend? The opinion of many is that no. Technological needs are constantly increasing, and this causes the IT sector to grow and therefore, leading companies to adapt to those needs.

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My experience in Madrid working at Ekkiden: Growth Manager

May 17, 2021 9:47:23 AM / by Geoffrey Ferret posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden


My name is Geoffrey, I am French, coming from Mâcon, a town in the north of Lyon and birthplace of Antoine Griezmann (for the soccer fans 😉) 

Despite my engineering background, I have a business/marketing-oriented position as Growth Manager at Ekkiden. To be more accurate, I am optimizing the business and hiring lead generation and I am in charge of the process automation as an intern in Growth Marketing. This demonstrates to me that any valuable experience you can gain is helping you finding a dream position in the future!  

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Adding value to your team: The meaning of Culture Add

Apr 26, 2021 12:43:19 PM / by Gabriela Suarez posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden


Have you ever wondered how you would react if a co-worker doesn't do their part on a group project? Or how would you motivate someone on the team to do a particular task? Or even, have you ever thought on how do your colleagues benefit from your day-to-day at work?  

Although they seem ambiguous questions, all these aspects can come to define the culture of a company.  

But why is this concept so relevant within the recruitment process and community building? Keep reading to find out more! 🔍👀 

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