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What it’s like to be an intern at Ekkiden: Cesar, aka the Buddy creator!

Aug 23, 2022 9:53:21 AM / by Mathilde Fontaine posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden, company culture, multicultural


At Ekkiden, we trust in youth. From the very beginning, we bet on emerging talents in particular through internships and junior profiles.

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A constructive and human recruitment process : welcome to Ekkiden !

May 25, 2022 11:19:06 AM / by Marko Medar posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden


Recruitment is a task that needs dedication : companies must find the right person, with the right skills and mindset at the right time. As the task becomes harder every day, companies try to create different recruitment processes to distinguish themselves from their competitors to attract the best talents.

Consulting companies are the first ones aware by this fierce competition, and seek to do things differently, so the challenge is even bigger when it comes to optimizing matches between you and a client.

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Recruitment in a changing world: how to attract the best talent in 2022?

Jan 20, 2022 5:37:40 PM / by Gabriela Suarez posted in Recruitment

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As we begin to settle into 2022, the start of a new year represents an opportunity for companies to plan their goals and define their priorities, and recruiters are not the exception. At Ekkiden, our team makes sure to stay up to date with the best recruiting strategies to create a plan that will have a positive impact on our goals as an employer.

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Startups or Corporate Companies? Discovering the best organization for you

Oct 22, 2021 1:48:56 PM / by Amal Boumalik posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden, Startups

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When looking to change jobs, several criteria come into play, such as salary, career development, or missions. But…

Do we take into account the size of the company? 🤔

To include the scope aspect in the decision-making, one must first have a clear vision of the benefits and challenges of working in a startup or in a large company.  

Although both environments are conducive to significant professional learning and skills development, there are certain distinctions between the two different-sized businesses. 

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Why taking a Talent Acquisition internship?

Sep 3, 2021 10:52:44 AM / by Ekkiden Team posted in Together by Tech_, Recruitment

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Recruitment tasks in a fast-growing consulting company are very different from a standard talent acquisition role within a Human Resources department. As a student looking for an internship, it is quite easy to get lost between the different internship offers. It is at the same time difficult to understand exactly what you can really expect from the roles described.

Have you ever wondered what is the role of a Community Builder at Ekkiden? Then this article is made for you!

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Adding value to your team: The meaning of Culture Add

Apr 26, 2021 12:43:19 PM / by Gabriela Suarez posted in Recruitment, Ekkiden

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Have you ever wondered how you would react if a co-worker doesn't do their part on a group project? Or how would you motivate someone on the team to do a particular task? Or even, have you ever thought on how do your colleagues benefit from your day-to-day at work?  

Although they seem ambiguous questions, all these aspects can come to define the culture of a company.  

But why is this concept so relevant within the recruitment process and community building? Keep reading to find out more! 🔍👀 

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