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The IT Recruitment Evolution: Overview and Challenges

Aug 19, 2021 2:00:48 PM / by Carin Kemp

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Digital transformation is a revolutionary phenomenon that is constantly changing. But is it a passing trend? The opinion of many is that no. Technological needs are constantly increasing, and this causes the IT sector to grow and therefore, leading companies to adapt to those needs.

From a business perspective, digital transformation has helped improve and accelerate many processes through automation, which has increased the profitability of these processes and reduced costs. Now the question is what the impact and the changes would be caused by this transformation in the coming years.

According to experts, large companies are expected to grow and acquire part of Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), although it is also estimated that more of these companies and micro-enterprises specialized in IT will be created, which will increase competition and opportunities for markets to emerge.

While the expectations are that big companies will grow, the respondent to the research says that the specialization of small companies will make the difference. The asked experts in the Madison Market Report declare that customers will increasingly trust small and specialized businesses, which is what is going to differentiate them. 📃

According to the report, there is a debate about the future of the IT sector: Despite most of the people asked in the Madison Market report think the production in IT will grow, there is still a 25.5% that declares it will decrease.

 Imagen1Source: own elaboration with data from the Madison Market report (numbers in %)


How will the activities in the IT world develop according to the asked experts? 📈

The activities that will grow the most are Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.

Cybersecurity will become more important, as it will be increasingly necessary to ensure that other activities can be carried out.

More competition, bigger companies, and specialization in start-ups and SMEs have expected changes for the next few years in the IT sector.

So, what are the challenges confronted by IT recruiters? 👀

The numbers that reflect the unemployment of the workers of the IT sector have shown a significant decrease lately as only in 2016, the unemployment rate was at 3%. These are great numbers if you work in IT because it means you won´t come up with a lot of difficulties finding a job. Nonetheless, these are not so good numbers for the recruiters who have more job offers to fill than available people with the required skills to hire for these positions. For example, Software and Web developers are in particularly high demand.

Does that mean we are facing a new digital revolution? The technologies and versions of the same that are needed for the different jobs are constantly changing. Therefore, the IT recruiter must look for the best and most experienced candidate with these new technologies in such a competitive market, which is one of their biggest challenges.

📃 In fact, according to the CODINGAME developer survey of 2021, these are the main challenges for IT recruiters:   


Imagen2Source: own elaboration with data from the CODINGAME developer survey (2021)


Besides these obstacles, IT Recruiters also find some difficulties in Meeting recruitment volume targets, closing candidates, evaluating candidates without technical skills, identifying potential, matching the appropriate candidate with the right job, knowing developers ´mindset to engage with them, meeting diversity and inclusion targets and conducting technical interviews.

We can’t deny how fast the IT world is growing and as a global partner in technological and organizational innovation, EKKIDEN dares to face these challenges. As a company, we must confront these challenges and that is why we try to improve our recruitment processes, not only to make the job easier but also to make the candidate´s experience a differentiating factor. We never stop learning and that is why we are constantly trying to improve. if you are motivated to participate in these challenges and dynamic industry please have a look at our openings here. 🚀


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Carin Kemp

Written by Carin Kemp