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Why launching a Community?

Mar 22, 2021 3:05:38 PM / by Ekkiden Team

Why starting a community?    

Move Forward and change the game, Smarter together, Never Stop learning... Those are three of the five pillars of Ekkiden. Knowing them will help to understand our vision of consulting and our spirit. Ekkiden was born to ask questions, break the rules, collaborate with others, and find new ways of doing things that make us.   


The Adventure started a bit before Summer 2019 and within the first 6 months, we have nearly received 6,000 applications... 6,000 applications in our first 6 months! Absolutely heart-warming to see so many people making the effort to send us their application and be willing to be part of us. Of course, not all of them were relevant for our business, but most were. So let's say that 4,500 of them were interesting.   

Now guess how many of those 4,500 have been hired?   


2 😀  

2 people, exactly. Meaning the other 4,498 interesting applicants couldn't be given a job at that time. By then, most of the hired ones came through referrals or active sourcing. It is March/April 2020 and the first lockdown hits, slowing down the growth of our company. After dealing with various emergencies linked to the sanitary situation in the different countries where we operate, we are getting some more time to focus again. And the idea of starting a new Community came up.  


The Ekkiden Team started to brainstorm about its shape, its name. Should it be simply called “the Ekkiden Community” or should it become its own identity? After few discussions, we thought it would be easier for our Podcast guests (such as Christophe Aulnette, ex-CEO of Microsoft, or Jean-Marc Tassetto, ex-CEO of Google), who are already used to working with competing consulting groups, to be associated with a global Tech community more than a consulting group. We quickly felt that a separate identity would be a better option and that we wanted to gather our members around Technology and Innovation. The name TogetherbyTech slowly appeared like the path to take; the words can easily be pronounced in all languages of the European countries we will address, it was a go!   


This nicely brings to the real question: “why starting a Community” and why is it important?  


Reason #1: Creating a strong relationship with our candidates  

As seen before and even at our early stages, we were receiving a lot of applications. Last year, it was more than 15,000! Having to reject these persons is absolutely frustrating, knowing there are surely many talents among them, we could recruit a few weeks, months or years later. We are forced to resign ourselves and accept that we can't follow up on them for now, since we are not able to offer a matching position. And when that day comes, these talents won't probably know anymore who we are.   


It was straight away very clear to us that the day we find a solution to stay in touch with our candidates, to maintain a close relationship with them, we will have created a sustainable, well-balanced, and beneficial environment for them and for us. We needed to find a way to build a strong relationship with our candidates, maintaining and generating commitment over the time. And after all, going through a hell of a year in 2020, connecting people become a priority. TogetherbyTech is embodying our company values and allowing us to bring people together in one dedicated space, connecting with them, making sure they follow our activities and don't forget us.   


Reason #2: Inspiring and motivating people  

TogetherbyTech is not only intended to bring together former candidates but is also open to anyone with an interest in Tech and Innovation, wishing to learn and share, whether or not they are actively seeking a job. And this is where things are getting more interesting, but comes along with perhaps one of our biggest challenges:   


Bringing our candidates together in a Talent Pool seems feasible, it already exists. However, bringing people together who are not necessarily looking for a job, but who are there to learn, becomes more innovative and sportier. We'll have to add value!   


Now, several challenges ahead of us, which we will address step by step by following the AARRR framework:    

  1. Getting to know each other   
  2. Encouraging our visitors to register   
  3. Retaining them, making them want to stay. And for that, this community must be useful to them.    


We have a dedicated team to engage with our members and make sure they’ll feel at ease. One of our top priorities is to be able to bring the best out of everyone. Our members can join subgroups of specific topics they are interested in, allowing everyone to target specifically what they need.   


Reason #3: Sharing Learnings and Support   

Our members get the opportunity to meet each other and learn from one another. Sharing experiences, learnings, and providing support to those who need is at the heart of our community and accessible to all members through posts or comments. Each added content is a new opportunity to grow. Of course, we are also providing quality content generated by external contributors. We already had the great pleasure to collaborate with leading start-ups such as Germinal, Payfit, Coorpacademy, Lemlist, AB Tasty, Shapr, Preligens, Alan... But also, large groups like Société Générale. They all believe in our vision and project.    


In addition, we have launched the Innovation Leaders podcast, available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other mainstreaming platforms, which are a great success and already count thousands of listeners. Because of the pandemic, we are still forced to wait to be able to plan physical meetups in the various cities where we are present, such as Munich, Paris, Zurich, Lyon, Geneva, Madrid. Soon, there will be a toolbox available, referencing the main technologies, products, and websites. We will provide an address book, white papers, articles, interviews, share learnings, and support by allowing everyone to express themselves on the platform. Finally, we will support job seekers among our members by advising on career-related topics such as CVs, training, interview preparation tips, and regularly share qualified job offers.    


Reason #4: Connecting people and creating opportunities  

These are our main goals, to connect the most brilliant minds in Tech with our members, and give them the opportunity to learn, grow, and “Unleash their Potential” as the Ekkiden motto states.  

Our mission is here:    


  • Unleash the potential of our candidates by offering them the opportunity to join an ambitious, dynamic, and innovative group like Ekkiden;    
  • Unleash the potential of our clients by allowing them to meet and discover innovative approaches;    
  • Unleash the potential of our members who are passionate about Tech and Innovation by giving them access to a network and quality content.    


Developing strong relationships and connections with a specific network of like-minded people offers opportunities to grow, no matter in what attend. People have always grouped together, exchanged, and supported each other. By joining forces with others who have different skills, the chances of success are increased.  


Reason #5: Engagement booster  

Another benefit of creating this Community is that it accelerates the engagement of our internal teams and makes them all actively contribute to the evolution of our group. Everyone collaborates in the development of the content: our employees, consultants, and freelancers. They can all share their experiences and knowledge through articles, columns, discussions, technical and sectoral analyses, or even training sessions and webinars. This is a real vector of synergies, which brings cohesion, commitment, and engagement. An element that is rare in traditional consultancy firms and yet so precious!     


Our team members are very eager to put these many objectives into practice. TogetherbyTech is a tool with infinite potential that generates engagement with our candidates, our teams, our network, and our customers/prospects.    

It will evolve with its members over time so that its full potential can be released. With already hundreds of members and thousands of downloads of our content after a few months, it feels like the foundations are there.    


To join the community: www.togetherbytech.com

To contact us: hello@togetherbytech.com    


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Ekkiden Team

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