Digital technologies

Our offer in the field of digital technologies encompasses 4 big industries:

Datas and Applied Technologies

Implementing the concepts of artificial intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, process mining and Big Data to support our clients, particularly in the identification, gathering, management, analysis and exploitation of their data. Our teams’ skills allow our clients to execute these technological innovations in order to achieve better process management, streamline production and, of course, attain greater product innovation.

IT, Cloud and Cybersecurity

We recruit our consultants based on their ability to devise and implement efficient, scalable and secure infrastructures. Long considered a secondary issue, infrastructure has now become the mainstay of a company’s digital transformation. Our consultants employ the full potential of the cloud to help clients address so-called on-demand models, as well as changes in the way infrastructures are deployed, managed and used. In terms of cybersecurity, Ekkiden strives to consider all the different dimensions (legal, technological, strategical or organisational) before proceeding to recommend and implement the most convenient solutions and standards.

Digital and Communication

Dealing with the various procedures and applications, which allow for a better client and user experience, both in-house and externally. Companies must constantly challenge themselves to enhance employee efficiency, improve responsiveness in increasingly volatile and competitive markets, and become more attractive to physical and virtual clients, internal customers and candidates alike. Our teams choose, design, devise, develop, validate, deploy, evolve and support all these solutions.

IT Strategy, Compliance and Business Transformation

Companies’ digital transformation involves an intrinsic shift in organisations, and a constant alignment of technologies and business challenges. Ekkiden ensures that all regulatory and compliance requirements are met in order to help clients attain certain standards. Our consultants are involved in the analysis, management, definition, modelling and optimising of all standards, procedures and risks.

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