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  • Digital transformation

    Staying competitive means adopting technologies across all processes. Data and digital technologies can be used to improve operational efficiency and security, digitalise internal processes, guarantee a unique customer experience and personalise offers and journeys, while at the same time promoting strategic decision-making. Ekkiden enables its customers to address all these issues by providing the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

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Our areas of expertise

What we can do for you: make your technological uses simpler by handling their complexity, and optimising your infrastructures operations so that you can exploit all the opportunities offered by digital technology!

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

    Unleash the potential of technology within your company and catalyse your digital transformation to accelerate your business. Optimise your IS capabilities to improve the efficiency of your teams, and your technological performance to enhance your user experience.

  • Customers Services

    Boost your e-commerce activities, digitalise your physical points of sale, harness your customer information and harmonise your contact points through omnicanality to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Make technology a powerful vector for differentiation!

  • IT security

    Assess the risks and vulnerabilities of your IT assets, guarantee the security of your information architecture against cyber-threats and comply with regulatory data protection requirements to protect your business from potential attacks, with efficiency and relevance.

  • Data & Analytics

    Organise your data sources and optimise their use to improve the reliability, accessibility and intelligibility of your data assets, so that you can make the most of them under the best possible conditions. An additional opportunity to rapidly increase the potential of your business.

  • Mobile & web development

    Design and build your next solutions to support your digital transformation across all your channels, and create value for your end-users. By mastering all your digital touchpoints, you can ensure customer satisfaction and business growth at the same time.

  • Emerging technologies

    Capture and exploit the value offered by constantly evolving new technologies to identify new levers for transformation and growth. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered by innovation, you stay at the cutting edge and remain relevant to your customers and users. 


Our consultants come from all over Europe, are considered real experts in their fields and have significant experience in their profession. They are motivated, enthusiastic and competent, and are ready to use their knowledge and skills for your projects.

  • Customer Solutions

    Define the solutions that will meet consumers' future expectations

    • Business Analyst IT
    • Technical Project Manager
    • Solution Expert
    • Technical Architect
    • ...
  • Data &

    Gather your data and exploit its full potential to innovate and perform.

    • Data Engineer
    • System Adminsitrator
    • DeVops & Cloud Engineer
    • BI Engineer
    • ...
  • IT

    Protect your systems from IT risks and potential security breaches.

    • DevSecOps
    • SOC
    • Penetration Tester
    • IT Auditor
    • ...
  • Product management

    Build products that appeal to your users, meet their needs and satisfy them.

    • UX/UI Designer
    • Product Owner
    • Agile Coach
    • Product Ops
    • ...
  • Project management

    Respect the cost, quality and deadlines of your projects according to your context.

    • Project Manager
    • PMO
    • Business Analyst
    • Change Manager
    • ...

Mastering the digital world and its latest technologies to boost your competitiveness and versatility.

  • How we operate

    Ekkiden offers various intervention methods, from consultants invoiced by the hour or by the day, studies and audits, to fixed-price projects and work packages. We adapt to your challenges and your budgetary approach. 

    • Technical assistance
    • Package
    • Process
    • Expertise
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  • Our areas of expertise

    Today, the Ekkiden teams work with customers from a wide range of industries and sectors. This has helped us develop a comprehensive and innovative offer that meets all your needs efficiently.

    • Fashion
    • Luxury
    • Bank
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Retail & FMCG
    • Media
    • Advertising
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Why work with Ekkiden?

With Ekkiden, a whole ecosystem opens its doors to you. Our multidisciplinary teams, our sense of service, our disruptive approach, our consulting experience and our in-depth knowledge of your business are all good reasons to put your trust in our experts.

  • Comprehension


    Our sales people are engineers, so they understand your challenges.

  • Asset 50


    Our largest internal team, able to recruit from all over the world.

  • Reactivity


    You need fast solutions, and this drives our organisation.

  • hands


    With a presence throughout Europe, there's always an office near you.

  • Asset 51


    With teams in 15 countries and 13 languages spoken, your projects know no borders.

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    Energy and smiles are in our DNA. And that enthusiasm is contagious!