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  • Sustainable transformation

    To be successful and sustainable today, a company must incorporate environmental issues into the strategic, technological and operational management of its business. From data management to eco-design, from energy efficiency to empowering value chains, sustainable transformation is a cross-functional issue that calls on a wide range of skills. Our talents possess these skills and are ready to support you at every stage of your projects.

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An integrated approach to decarbonisation

What we offer: accelerate the decarbonisation of your business to strengthen your climate resilience and maximise your contribution to global carbon neutrality. All through a realistic and comprehensive approach based on three main pillars.

  • Carbon footprint & decarbonisation strategy

    Carry out your carbon footprint and build your decarbonisation strategy (SBTi targets, multi-year action plan, etc.) using a detailed, prioritised analysis of your emissions factors.
  • Climate performance management system

    Choose and deploy your Carbon Management Software effectively to control your GHG emissions data and monitor your decarbonisation in line with your constraints.

  • Operational support for decarbonisation

    Implement your climate strategy in a relevant way thanks to a dedicated intellectual service and talents recognised for their expertise in sustainable transformation.

The fantastic 4 of decarbonisation

To best meet your needs, we offer 4 relevant and complementary talent profiles. A solid panel to cover all your issues and projects related to sustainable transformation.

  • Eco-analyst

    Master your data

    • GHG Data Analyst
    • Extra-Financial Reporting Officer
    • ESG Data Expert
    • Life Cycle Analysis Engineer
    • ...
  • Eco-designer

    Produce responsibly

    • Eco-Design Engineer
    • Responsible Packaging Engineer
    • Circular Economy Project Manager
    • Eco-Construction Engineer
    • ...
  • Eco-energetician

    Be efficient and sober

    • Energy Efficiency Engineer
    • Energy Auditor
    • Energy Manager
    • Renewable Energy Project Manager
    • ...
  • Eco-buyer

    Streamline your value chain

    • Responsible Buyer
    • Sustainable Sourcing Manager
    • Decarbonised Energy Buyer
    • Duty-of-Care Expert
    • ...

Step beyond CSR commitments to unlock the power of sustainable transformation with Ekkiden!

  • How we operate

    Ekkiden offers various intervention methods, from consultants invoiced by the hour or by the day, studies and audits, to fixed-price projects and work packages. We adapt to your challenges and your budgetary approach.

    • Technical assistance
    • Package
    • Process
    • Expertise
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  • Our areas of expertise

    Today, the Ekkiden teams work with customers from a wide range of industries and sectors. This has helped us develop a comprehensive and innovative offer that meets all your needs efficiently.

    • Industry
    • Luxury & retail
    • Energy
    • Chemistry
    • Agricultural
      & agri-food
    • Construction
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Why work with Ekkiden?

With Ekkiden, a whole ecosystem opens its doors to you. Our multidisciplinary teams, our sense of service, our disruptive approach, our consulting experience and our in-depth knowledge of your business are all good reasons to put your trust in our experts.



    Our sales people are engineers, so they understand your challenges.

  • recruitment


    Our largest internal team, able to recruit from all over the world.

  • Reactivity


    You need fast solutions, and this drives our organisation.

  • Proximity


    With a presence throughout Europe, there's always an office near you.

  • International


    With teams in 15 countries and 13 languages spoken, your projects know no borders.

  • Enthusiasm


    Energy and smiles are in our DNA. And that enthusiasm is contagious!