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  • Industrial transformation

    Industrial transformation offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses today. Improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, adopting new technologies, such as automation and AI, optimising the supply chain and reducing production costs are all challenges faced by the industry. Ekkiden provides you with talents to stay on top while reducing your environmental impact and favouring your flexibility and competitiveness in a globalised market.

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What we offer: harmonise, optimise and modernise every stage of your product and process lifecycles in order to gain competitive advantage, improve performance and maximise your business.
  • Innovation

    Integrate innovation into all aspects of your business to develop new products and services, improve production processes and stay competitive in your market. Innovation can also help you transition to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.

  • Technology

    Leverage technology wherever you can to transform your business! It is a strong differentiating factor that has become a key element of modern industry, with impacts on productivity, quality, safety, sustainability and competitiveness.

  • Processes

    Control your processes and guarantee the quality, safety and efficiency of your activity. By reducing costs, minimising errors, improving traceability and compliance, and encouraging continuous improvement, your company will stand out from its competitors!

  • Production

    Optimise your production to develop your competitiveness in all your markets! By improving cost reduction, quality, flexibility, durability and operational safety, you can take your business to the next level for greater profitability and performance.

  • Quality

    Optimise your quality challenges to have a positive and direct impact on customer satisfaction, competitiveness and profitability. Without forgetting defect minimisation, compliance with standards and regulations, and effective risk and cost management.

  • Standards compliance

    Strengthen compliance with standards, regulatory and market compliance within your organisation to ensure safe operations and high product quality, while avoiding the complexity of compliance, certification costs and risks in the event of non-compliance.


Our consultants come from all over Europe, they are considered real experts in their fields and have significant experience in their profession. They are motivated, enthusiastic and competent, and are ready to use their knowledge and skills for your projects.

  • Design

    Optimise the design of your systems, products or processes for more efficiency.

    • Mechanical Design
    • Design Draftsman
    • Electronic Board Designer
    • Software Developer
    • ...
  • Simulation

    Improve your product development through effective and complete simulation.

    • Calculations Engineer
    • Simulation Engineer
    • Strength of Materials Engineer
    • CFD Engineer
    • ...
  • Testing

    Validate your products as a whole by carrying out the necessary physical tests.

    • Mechanical Testing Engineer
    • Electronic Testing Engineer
    • Test & Validation Engineer
    • Software Testing Engineer
    • ...
  • Quality

    Strengthen the quality of your products throughout their life cycle.

    • Project Quality Engineer
    • Supplier Quality Engineer
    • Product Quality Engineer
    • System Quality Engineer
    • ...
  • Industrialisation

    Monitor each industrialisation phase of your activities and improve your performance.

    • Methods Engineer
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Industrialisation Engineer
    • Special Machines Expert
    • ...
  • Project

    Promote the success of your projects by streamlining each stage, with transparency.

    • Project Manager
    • PMO
    • Product Engineer
    • Systems Engineer
    • ...

Making digital the heart of your operations to ensure the success of your industrial transformation.

  • How we operate

    Ekkiden offers various intervention methods, from consultants invoiced by the hour or by the day, studies and audits, to fixed-price projects and work packages. We adapt to your challenges and your budgetary approach.

    • Technical assistance
    • Package
    • Process
    • Expertise
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  • Our areas of expertise

    Today, the Ekkiden teams work with customers from a wide range of industries and sectors. This has helped us develop a comprehensive and innovative offer that meets all your needs efficiently.

    • Construction
    • Civil engineering
    • Transport
    • Life science
    • Energy
    • Retail & Luxury
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Why work with Ekkiden?

With Ekkiden, a whole ecosystem opens its doors to you. Our multidisciplinary teams, our sense of service, our disruptive approach, our consulting experience and our in-depth knowledge of your business are all good reasons to put your trust in our experts.

  • Comprehension


    Our sales people are engineers, so they understand your challenges.

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    Our largest internal team, able to recruit from all over the world.

  • Reactivity


    You need fast solutions, and this drives our organisation.

  • hands


    With a presence throughout Europe, there's always an office near you.

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    With teams in 15 countries and 13 languages spoken, your projects know no borders.

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    Energy and smiles are in our DNA. And that enthusiasm is contagious!