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Bastien Ekkiden photoshoot Bastien in Ekkiden's photoshoot
  • Growing by growing others

    Ekkiden is an international EcoVadis-certified consultancy group that places the human adventure at the heart of its entrepreneurial success. We provide large companies with the skills they need to successfully carry out their digital, industrial and sustainable transformation, enabling them to innovate and strengthen their competitiveness.

  • About us

Offering a new consulting experience. International, ambition, challenge, human values, process innovation, a modern managerial approach, a cult of technology, recruitment expertise, unique experience and a deep sense of our clients are all ingredients that make up our DNA.


  • Digital

  • Industry

  • Sustainability

  • Staying competitive means adopting technologies across all processes. Data and digital technologies can be used to improve operational efficiency and security, digitalise internal processes, guarantee a unique customer experience and personalise offers and journeys, while promoting strategic decision-making. Ekkiden enables its customers to address all these issues by providing the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Industrial transformation represents an exceptional opportunity for businesses today. Improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, adopting new technologies such as automation and AI, optimising the supply chain and reducing production costs are key topics involved in this transformation process. Ekkiden provides you with the talent to stay at the cutting edge while reducing your environmental impact and promoting your flexibility and competitiveness in a globalised market.

  • To be successful and sustainable today, a company must incorporate environmental issues into the strategic, technological and operational management of its business. From data management to eco-design, from energy efficiency to empowering value chains, sustainable transformation is a cross-functional issue that calls on a wide range of skills. Our talents possess these skills and are ready to support you at every stage of your projects.


The world of consulting needs to rethink itself, modernise its approach, digitalise its processes and put people back at the heart of its challenges. Ekkiden is leading the way in rethinking the entire consultancy experience.


    Our teams work in 13 countries and 6 offices. Our teams count with more than 30 nationalities and speak 15 languages. We cultivate a multicultural working environment from day one. 


    We provide a unique experience for all those who come into contact with our teams - customers, teams, candidates... Quality service, listening and respect drive us every day.


    Whether in our managerial approach, our processes, our tools, our communication or our mindset, we are resolutely modern and our teams are recruited for their ability to challenge the status quo.


    The technological world in which we live demands a high level of responsiveness. Finding the right skills, at the right time, in the right place is the promise we make to our customers.