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Ekkiden recruits, trains, manages and develops international teams of consultants who contribute     
their skills and experience to their clients’ organisational and technological  transformation projects

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Given that our teams are at the heart of the group, we strive to provide them with a dynamic and innovative working environment, one that helps them develop and unleash their potential.

Our community brings together talented people who are passionate about learning and meeting new people, and excited to take part in the building up of a consulting group that will become a european leader.

Giving employees and customers the opportunity to unleash their potential for development and innovation

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Ekkiden is your technology partner and a catalyst for the change, innovation, transformation of your company

Digital technologies

One of Ekkiden’s goals is to harness these technologies and the principles of efficient organisations to help boost our clients’ competitiveness and agility.

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We take advantage of the latest technologies and efficient organization principles to help you become more competitive and agile.

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Moving back from Germany where I started my career, I was looking for a new challenge in an innovative organization where I could have a real impact. When I joined Ekkiden, the challenge was there: huge recruiting targets and a free hand to roll out the strategy. Today, I'm proud to look back and see the foundation we've laid. Our community and our teams are growing, and the Ekkiden adventure is just beginning.

Hélène LOINE, VP Human Ressources


Ekkiden project correspond perfectly to what I was looking for: opening a new market from scratch in a full international environment, for a fast-growing company, within a daring team that trusts me, that counts on me and that gives me responsibilities, despite my young experience! More than a project fit, the Ekkiden adventure attracted me by the challenge that would represent. Team values and the boldness side of the project combined to the responsibilities implied totally got me in the adventure!

Bastien SAHUT, Senior Manager


I joined Ekkiden at the very beginning of its creation when it was still an idea of the ideal company we want to work in. We were 5 and now we are over 100! The way covered has been challenging and full of surprises, but I'm proud of the work we've accomplished. The development of the company is amazing and each employee who has joined us has contributed significantly. Together, we have been able to challenge ourselves, to face difficulties and to do better and better, in order to build a common project and a company where everyone recognizes themselves, grows and develops.

Anamaria MARINESCU, Financial & Administrative Manager


I wanted to create this group to live a unique human adventure. To have the opportunity to work with talented people and allow them to express themselves, to unleash their potential, to implement the most innovative and ambitious ideas. Live an international entrepreneurial adventure, where everyone can play the role they want, everyone can have an impact regardless of their age, by contributing their vision, results and culture and where change will be rapid. This group is based on 6 pillars: team enthusiasm, our values, respect for commitments, innovation in processes and tools and unlimited ambition.



The values of the team correspond to me in every way and I believe very much in the project of offering a quality working environment in Europe for consultants, whether freelance or permanent employed, who want to be part of an entrepreneurial adventure in which they can learn, they can get involved and play a concrete role. You must be a bit crazy to start a consulting company in new technology from scratch, on a European scale and with such ambitions! But according to the first years of Ekkiden, the opening of our offices in Munich, Paris, Lyon and Madrid and all the open positions we have... It seems realistic!

Felix UNKEL, Senior Manager


I feel like an entrepreneur, I like to exchange with my clients, to provide them with solutions to enable them to innovate and achieve their objectives. Making a difference in a competitive market with professionalism and quality is my driver. At Ekkiden, I have found the right balance between autonomy, responsibility and entrepreneurship in a clear and well-defined business project, these elements being grouped under the term intrapreneur. The advantages of being your own boss combined with the advantages of being an employee in an international and ambitious group.

Maxime RUFFAUX, Operations Director