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    The Ekkiden adventure is open to all those who believe that life is too short to be bored at work. We firmly believe that each one of us has untapped potential that deserves a work environment where it can flourish, grow, and thrive. Our greatest mission is to accompany our collaborators in their evolution by respecting their individuality, providing them with a unique experience, and offering challenges that match their ambition.

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The ekkiden experience

The consulting industry is filled with frustrations, a fact our teams have witnessed all too often. Human values, which are supposed to be at the heart of this sector, are often set aside. We are the opposite. Ekkiden recruits individuals who have the desire to redefine the consulting landscape by bringing enthusiasm, integrity and quality to the forefront. Whether you are a candidate, collaborator, client, partner, service provider or freelancer, we guarantee you a personalised and profoundly human experience that embodies our commitment to excellence.

Join a team of enthusiasts, accelerate your career, and unleash your potential!

  • International


    Today, Ekkiden operates in 4 countries and aims to expand to 10 by 2025. Such an international context powers our growth!

  • Trust


    At Ekkiden, trust is given from day one, without conditions. If you have been chosen, it is because we believe in you!

  • Career


    A group that grows as rapidly as ours offers exciting career prospects and unprecedented opportunities.

  • Evolution


    Our sole ambition is to help you grow in line with your skills, ambitions, dedication, and performance.

  • Modernity


    Our dynamic, modern and innovative work environment is designed to embrace your uniqueness and turn it into a strength!

  • Impact


    Enabling everyone to make an impact, regardless of age, status or contract has been Ekkiden's ambition since its creation.


At Ekkiden, our primary mission is to foster the growth of our ecosystem, contribute to its development, and promote its flourishing. First, our consultants enhance their technical expertise within our Squads. Then, all our teams advance their careers through our comprehensive learning and development program. Finally, our clients unleash their organisation and innovation potential through the skills of our talented professionals. Nurturing the growth of our group by fostering the growth of our teams and clients lies at the core of our project.

Why join Ekkiden?

  • pay

    Competitive salaries

    Based on a clear and fair salary scale, as well as regular performance-related increases.

  • work-from-home

    Flexibility and teleworking

    A working environment with flexible hours and an advantageous teleworking policy.

  • dinner

    Meal vouchers

    To contribute to the daily food expenses of employees, paid in part by Ekkiden.

  • certificate

    Coaching and training

    Training courses to develop hard and soft skills according to your needs and desires.

  • event (1)

    Team events

    Afterworks, team activities and seminars. Many events to meet and improve collaboration.

  • running-shoes

    Sport contribution

    Participation of Ekkiden to sport activities budget with Gymlib and Gympass.

  • insurance

    Health insurance

    Your medical insurance is partly paid for by Ekkiden to support your expenses.

  • pouch

    Referral bonus

    If a person is hired on your recommendation, you will receive a specific bonus.

  • puzzle (1)


    Through our squads, tribes, podcast and network, you benefit from a rich ecosystem!

Recruitment process

If you apply to Ekkiden, we will spend a significant amount of time together. So, it's essential to get to know each other well before saying yes. Being a collaborator at Ekkiden involves successfully going through three stages. These phases allow you to meet various members of your team, compare our offer with other opportunities you may have, and ensure that this choice is the best for you and your career.

  • Step 01

    Getting to know each other. Firstly, we want to understand who you are and learn about your background, aspirations, as well as your hard and soft skills. At this stage, you will also discover the history of our group, its origins, and the DNA of its teams.

  • Step 02

    Imagining the future together. During the second stage, you will learn to understand the organisation and its values. This is also where we discuss the role you can play and the position you can take within the company.

  • Step 03

    Committing. This final step involves reviewing a contract together, ensuring that it aligns with our previous discussions and respective expectations. This is the ideal moment to take the time to ask any questions that you find relevant.