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Ekkiden is a European consulting group

Ekkiden recruits, trains, manages and develops international teams of consultants who contribute their skills and experience to their clients’ organisational and technological transformation projects. 


Your technology partner

Ekkiden is a global partner assisting in innovation-related issues: technological, social, process and organisational innovation. We provide our customers with all the skills they need to define, select, implement and develop these innovations.


Your change accelerator

Ekkiden likes to think of itself as a catalyst for the change, innovation, transformation and modernisation of companies, by contributing skills that will make a difference. Ekkiden's ambition is to succeed in fostering innovation among its international clients by instilling a combination of ambition, significant growth, and the pursuit of outstanding performance and human values within their company.

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Digital technologies

One of Ekkiden’s goals is to harness these technologies and the principles of efficient organisations to help boost our clients’ competitiveness and agility.

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Industry and science

We take advantage of the latest technologies and efficient organization principles to help you become more competitive and agile.

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We strive to change the paradigm of traditional consulting firms.

About Us


I joined the Ekkiden group for 4 reasons, the first for the adventure that this project represents, the second for the human values that each member of the team possesses, the third for the freedom and level of responsibility that has been entrusted to me, and finally the last, for the innovative approach to recruitment that the group possesses and that has asked me to implement through the Community Team. It is a daily challenge but one that I approach with passion and enthusiasm!

Cléa LEFRANCOIS, Head of Community


I feel like an entrepreneur, I like to exchange with my clients, to provide them with solutions to enable them to innovate and achieve their objectives. Making a difference in a competitive market with professionalism and quality is my driver. At Ekkiden, I have found the right balance between autonomy, responsibility and entrepreneurship in a clear and well-defined business project, these elements being grouped under the term intrapreneur. The advantages of being your own boss combined with the advantages of being an employee in an international and ambitious group.

Michael MARESCOT, Senior Manager


I wanted to create this group to live a unique human adventure. To have the opportunity to work with talented people and allow them to express themselves, to unleash their potential, to implement the most innovative and ambitious ideas. Live an international entrepreneurial adventure, where everyone can play the role they want, everyone can have an impact regardless of their age, by contributing their vision, results and culture and where change will be rapid. This group is based on 6 pillars: team enthusiasm, our values, respect for commitments, innovation in processes and tools and unlimited ambition.



Joining Ekkiden was obvious to me. I have rarely seen such an ambitious and dynamic project. The atmosphere in the offices, the enthusiasm of the teams and the desire for international growth impressed me. I immediately wanted to be part of this project. My role as Head of Business Development brings me to many topics, the opening of new offices, the definition of internal business processes, the deployment of tools and the construction of the training path are all exciting topics that I try to lead at the same time!

Bernhard BAUMGARTNER, Head of Business Development