Unleash your potential

Ekkiden is a somewhat crazy and spirited entrepreneurial project. Our ambition is to become a European benchmark for consulting in the fields of technological and organisational innovation.

Aim high and work hard to succeed. We strive to change the paradigm of traditional consulting firms. Our positioning is that of a global partner in technological and organisational innovation. From day one, we have gone all out to meet the growing expectations of our clients in terms of responsiveness, quality, agility and competitiveness. Our processes and tools have been designed to achieve these objectives. We bring the right skills to our clients, at the right place, at the right time.



The name Ekkiden takes its inspiration from a Japanese sport we feel identified with. Ekiden is a marathon relay race that is run in teams. This sport is well-known for pushing limits and promoting human values. Relay running as part of a team allows us to go faster and further.

Relaying is essential for a company like ours, undergoing a surge of development. Our very evolution depends substantially on the quality of our relays. There is no pushing one's limits, and no success, without values or respect. This epitomises our DNA.

The following are the foundations of our world:



Constantly seeking out new opportunities, our teams take risks, they revel in solving problems and finding solutions, carrying out duties and contributing added value; in short, having an impact. We look for personalities who are able to take calculated risks and work independently within a controlled environment. This is how we manage our teams of intrapreneurs: solid training associated with an unquenchable thirst for success and a great deal of self-sufficiency and responsibilities.



Bold people are a constant source of inspiration. Boldness is the mainstay of innovation; it promotes change and allows us to harness hidden or underestimated potential. It also brings about progress, individual or collective alike, and the fulfilment of ambitious goals. Achieving outstanding performance exacts great ambition and we place boldness at the heart of every stage of our business procedure. Our boldness means aiming high, and we work hard to succeed in that.



Trust is the cornerstone of our organisation; we trust our teams a priori. People joining the group are recruited for their talents and their capacity to go beyond their limits, to invent, to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions. These talents can only be spotted in a trustworthy environment, in which we believe in ourselves and enjoy working with, and for one another. Ekkiden is wholeheartedly people-centred. We are a third-sector company and, regardless of age, we devote ourselves to fostering a team spirit and trusting each other from the very first day.



Ekkiden’s teams are recruited based on their ability to come up with new ideas, create new offerings, invent new services, open new branches, operate in new countries, choose new tools and processes, and to never settle for what already exists. Having ideas is unquestionably beneficial and it is probably necessary too. Yet having the ownership to implement them is what really makes the difference. Taking ownership means using your initiative and understanding that taking action is not somebody else’s responsibility. As individuals, as doers, we are responsible for the quality and the timeliness of actions. Honouring our commitments is important; even more so, given the fact that we work as a team.



We are entrepreneurs, we take risks and we want the people who join us to have the courage to bring their ideas forward and question the status quo. Moreover, we want them to have the courage to turn their ideas into actions and their projects into achievements. Our company is growing quickly, our teams are young, and they shoulder great responsibilities. We are not immune to mistakes or difficulties, quite the opposite. We expect our teams to use mistakes and challenges to make them stronger, and for this to encourage them to make progress. Succeeding as an entrepreneur does not mean conquering every single project, but wanting to try, and having the capacity to recover from setbacks. Optimism and the ability to bounce back are essential.


Business responsability

For Ekkiden, Corporate Responsibility is an essential value, in which the pursuit of profitability goes hand-in-hand with a contribution to the financial, human, environmental and social development and well-being of society. Corporate Responsibility is a fundamental component within our internal objectives, as we are committed to a sustainable growth model that helps boost our competitiveness whilst contributing value, respect and support to those we cross paths with.