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    Ekkiden was born from a realisation: consulting is an exciting world, but we need to rethink its codes and bring in a leader that is in line with the times. Add to this ambition human and sports values, an international dimension, plenty of room for initiative, a modern working environment and a desire to make an impact, and you have Ekkiden. It is a project driven by an enthusiastic team with a sense of adventure, a commitment to business transformation and a desire to harness its full potential.

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  • Vision

    Our ambition is clear: to reinvent the world of consulting, together.

    Our project is ambitious: to build a modern consulting group in which teams, candidates and clients enjoy a personalised, rewarding and innovative experience.

    Our strength is obvious: the immense potential of our teams!
  • Mission


    We cultivate an ecosystem of passionate, enthusiastic, and committed consultants who leverage their skills and experience to drive our clients' digital, industrial, and sustainable transformation projects.

Our Values

Each of these values has been at the core of Ekkiden since its creation and has significantly contributed to its growth. Every new team member wholeheartedly embraces and relies on these values for their professional and personal development. They form the foundation of our business, the bedrock of our expansion and a constant source of inspiration in our daily endeavors.

  • Smarter together

    At Ekkiden, we believe that empathy and open-mindedness can help us reach greater heights. Our differences are our most valuable strength. Together, we grow by supporting one another, embracing collaboration and sharing our learning experiences. But most importantly, we bond over informal moments!

  • Never stop learning

    Our commitment to learning and growing drives us to achieve and innovate. We continuously strive to improve our agility in a rapidly changing world, leveraging challenges as opportunities for positive transformation. Every day, this dedication to learning pushes us to show up as the best version of ourselves.

  • Smile & shine

    Our optimism and enthusiasm have always served as catalysts for the growth of our business. We're passionate about this project and that's what makes us shine and thrive. We constantly foster a positive and constructive working environment to enable inclusion, balance and the realisation of personal projects and professional development.

  • Do it with integrity

    Winning, but without cheating. We want to act proudly, ethically and responsibly every day. But most importantly, we want to create a professional environment that is in line with our personal values. Trust is a cornerstone of who we are and what we do. That's why transparency is intrinsic to our day-to-day management and governance.

  • Change the game

    Boldness is in our DNA and pushes us to continuously challenge ourselves. Our team of entrepreneurs constantly challenges themselves to stretch their limits and to do things differently. Our ambition is what drives us to transform the consulting sector. 

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Since its creation, Ekkiden has experienced strong growth. Thanks to its modern approach to consulting, its talented and committed teams, its business and technical expertise and its innovative internal organisation, the company has grown rapidly. This growth is sustainable, with corporate teams based in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland driving the group's development, and numerous subsidiaries ensuring the solidity and maturity of our organisation.

Our name,
our identity

The name Ekkiden comes from a Japanese sport that fits us well. The ekiden is a marathon: we run as a team in relays. It's a sport that's renowned for celebrating human values and the power of surpassing oneself. Running as a team and as a relay means you can go much faster and much further. The relay concept is essential for a company like ours, which is growing so fast. Our development depends on others and on the quality of the relays we have. There can be no self-fulfillment or real success without value and respect. This is a summary of our DNA.

Melina Lhermite Head of Communication Marketing Team Ekkiden

Our Story


our story



  • 2019

    Fresh Start

    • Ekkiden's birth
    • First office in France (Lyon) and second office in Paris
    • First office in Germany (Munich) and Spain (Madrid)
  • 2020

    Innovation station

    • First office in Switzerland (Zurich)
    • Creation of the podcast: Innovation Leaders
  • 2021

    Time to kick it into gear!

    • Start of the year: 50 people in 5 countries
    • End of year: 100 employees in the team
  • 2022

    Growing by growing others

    • 10,000 listenings on Innovation Leaders podcast
    • Second office in Switzerland (Lausanne) and in Germany (Cologne)
    • Turnover reached: 10 million euros
    • End of year: 130 employees in 10 countries
  • 2023

    Black is the new pink

    • Launch of our new brand identity
    • Third office in Switzerland (Geneva)
    • +40,000 listenings on Innovation Leaders
    • Participation in Tech500 Awards
    • EcoVadis Silver Medal Recognition

A relay organisation

As implied by our name, we pay particular attention to relays. This notion is essential to understand our organisation. We're growing fast and we all want to keep up. This dynamism is only possible if there is a succession of relays within each team, enabling us to move up to the next level. In our internal departments, we are convinced that performance is a question of specialisation and focus. This means that each team is an expert in its own field and holds the leadership position. Strong synergies between the departments ensure efficient relay organisation throughout your journey with Ekkiden.
Consultant Ekkiden Lyon