About us

We believe in Technology, Values and Community

Our mission : Giving employees and customers the opportunity to unleash their potential for development and innovation

We strive to change the paradigm of traditional consulting firms. Our positioning is that of a global partner in technological and organizational innovation. From day one, we have gone all out to meet the growing expectations of our clients in terms of responsiveness, quality, agility and competitiveness. Our processes and tools have been designed to achieve these objectives. We bring the right skills to our clients, at the right place, at the right time.

Our Vision

Given that our teams are at the heart of the group, we strive to provide them with a dynamic and innovative working environment, one that helps them develop and unleash their potential.

Our community brings together talented people who are passionate about learning and meeting new people, and excited to take part in the building up of a consulting group that will become a european leader.

Our values

At Ekkiden, we are guided and inspired by five core values. We constantly challenge them with all team members so that they best define our culture and guide our daily life. We have appointed a leader by value to ensure that concrete actions are implemented and respected.


Smarter Together-1

Smarter Together

Building connections and collaboration helps us reach further, and at a faster pace. At Ekkiden, we love and thrive on teamwork, empathy, and open mindedness. This means that we support each other, we onboard everyone in projects, we share our experiences and learning, as well as beautiful moments. Teamwork is an intrinsic element of a healthy and sustainable organisation, and that is why it is at the forefront of our culture. 

Never Stop Learning-1

Never stop learning

The desire to learn drives us to achieve and innovate. We learn to improve and to stay agile in a world that is constantly changing and bringing new challenges. Creating a learning organisation that uses these challenges as milestones for positive change is what we are about. It is our eagerness to learn that help us provide the best for our clients and our teams.  

Move forward-1

Move forward and change the game 

If you are bold, you aim high. We dare to be bold and continuously challenge ourselves. Our people do things differently: we want to find a smarter way to do things and stretch our limits.Ekkiden is built by entrepreneurs with the ambition to rethink as well as the creativity to redesign the consulting sector.


Do it with integrity

We don’t just mean business. We also want to perform in an ethical, responsible, way. Most of all, we want to be aligned with our personal values. We build trust as a pillar to our identity, so transparency is key throughout our activity and governance. At Ekkiden, our honest mindset helps us grow our relationships in a healthy and trustful way. 


Smile and Shine

We believe our optimism and enthusiasm go a long way in growing this business. We are passionate about this project, and it is our passion that makes us shine and thrive.If you are Ekkiden, you are engaged and you love what you do. We thrive to constantly bring a positive happy work environment to allow for inclusivity, personal growth and professional development. 

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The name Ekkiden takes its inspiration from a Japanese sport we feel identified with. Ekiden is a marathon relay race that is run in teams. This sport is well-known for pushing limits and promoting human values. Relay running as part of a team allows us to go faster and further.


Relaying is essential for a company like ours, undergoing a surge of development. Our very evolution depends substantially on the quality of our relays. There is no pushing one's limits, and no success, without values or respect. This epitomises our DNA.

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