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  • More than 70 episodes with insights on the secrets of tech leaders.
  • Ten French unicorns and ten global groups have participated in the podcast.
  • A unique perspective from the most challenging sectors.
  • Deciphering business transformation through the humans making it a reality.
Podcast Innovation Leaders

MADRID, Jan. 2024 – Innovation Leaders, the podcast hosted by Geoffrey Behaghel, has launched its first newsletter in October 2023. Known for its in-depth conversations with the most influential tech figures, the Innovation Leaders newsletter is delivering more value and insights to its engaged audience on how to inspire, teach and lead teams.

Founded in July 2020 by Geoffrey Behaghel, CEO of the European consulting company Ekkiden, Innovation Leaders has since become a beacon for tech enthusiasts, providing in-depth conversations with major players in the industry. Behaghel's passion for technology, innovation and business transformation is the driving force behind the podcast, where he aims to share the insights of today's tech leaders with a global audience.

Innovation Leaders explores the business transformation landscape, with 70 episodes released to date and a commitment to a new episode every fortnight. The podcast serves as a platform for tech professionals to share their experiences, projects, anecdotes, and visions with simplicity and sincerity.

Geoffrey Behaghel's mission is clear: to give a voice to those transforming business for greater purposes. This commitment recently led to the launch of the Innovation Leaders newsletter in October 2023. Released with every episode, the newsletter offers subscribers the following insights:

  • A personal message from Geoffrey about his entrepreneurial challenges
  • Access to a new episode of the podcast
  • An overview of the company culture of featured guests
  • Lifestyle tips inspired by the industry leaders
  • Actionable advice delivered by podcast guests
  • A sneak peek into the next episode
  • A space for subscribers to express themselves.

The featured guests in Innovation Leaders represent a multitude of companies, sectors, and types of organisations. Notable individuals include Rami Baitieh (former CEO, Carrefour), Fabien Pinckaers (CEO & Founder, Odoo), and Stephan Hadinger (Director, Head of Technology, AWS).

Among the roster of guests, Behaghel has engaged in insightful discussions with ten French unicorns—legendary creatures that symbolise companies with a value of over $1 billion. Notable mentions include Charles Gorintin (Co-Founder & CTO, Alan), Olivier Bonnet (CTO, BlaBlaCar), and Florian Fournier (Deputy CEO & Co-founder, Payfit).

As of September 2023, it counts with an audience of 30,000 listeners, 1200 subscribers on Spotify, and it is currently streamed in French.

More on Innovation Leaders

Listeners can experience the podcast on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others. For additional content and updates, visit or follow Innovation Leaders on social media platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About the Host

Geoffrey Behaghel, born in 1982, is a French entrepreneur and CEO, best known for founding Ekkiden in 2019, a European consulting firm specialising in digital, industrial, and sustainable transformation. He's also the host of the podcast, Innovation Leaders, launched in 2020. A multilingual individual with a background in business, Behaghel's career includes significant roles in telecom and management, leading up to his current venture.


About Ekkiden

Ekkiden is an international consultancy group that provides services to large companies to optimise their digital, industrial, and sustainable transformation. Recognised with the EcoVadis certification, this human-centric consultancy operates in 15 countries and has 7 offices in four European countries. Founded in France, in 2019, Ekkiden is uniquely positioned to reinvent the world of consulting, counting with an ecosystem of consultants, and internal teams that work together to ensure a personalised, rewarding, and innovative experience. For more information about Ekkiden’s journey, visit or contact:


Lyon, France