and scientific technologies.

Our offer in the field of industrial and scientific technologies:

Product engineering

Our consultants are specially recruited and trained to take part in all the stages of the product development cycle (i.e. the preliminary research phases, the functional and detailed design phase, the devising of the manufacturing process and tools, and the sensitive phases of advanced tests and simulations).

Compliance with standards and controlling procedures

Compliance with increasingly stringent standards is crucial, especially in terms of product traceability, health and safety, and the environment. Our consultants are involved in the monitoring, training, implementation and validation of regulatory standards. At the same time, our clients need to deal with tight deadlines and ever-growing quality expectations, which is where our consultants step in. We perform in-depth analyses of existing structures and methodologies, which could lead to the reassessment of the methods and procedures used.

Industrial facilities’ development and organisation:

Ekkiden teams are involved in research and design phases, defining procedures and their optimisation, transformation and digitalisation, and throughout the manufacturing, procurement, supply and distribution processes. We work hand in hand with our clients daily to support them throughout their digital revolution, by designing intelligent, connected and automated facilities that are also well controlled.

Quality management

Our teams apply QMS (Quality Management System). This involves implementing standards, defining processes, their documentation, and the audit principles needed to ensure safety, compliance with standards and good practice. Quality management is a crosscutting program, Ekkiden takes part in the whole project or in a specific project phase, such as revising specifications, preparing engineering deliverables, purchases, manufacturing, methodologies, manuals, reports, documentation control, test plans and inspections, communication, team training or procedure referencing.

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