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Offering a new consulting experience, Ekkiden breaks barriers by focusing on every individual that integrates the company to drive entrepreneurial success.

Team Ekkiden Consultancy

MADRID, Jan. 2024 – Ekkiden is an international consultancy group born to place the human at its core, after detecting the need of redefining the consulting sector. In 2019, France, Geoffrey Behaghel, with 15 years of experience in the field, founded this project rooted on the desire to reinvent the world of consulting together as one.

Originating in Lyon, Ekkiden now has seven offices across four countries: France, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. Since the beginning, ELCA group, a leading Swiss IT company, has been a valuable partner contributing to the development of Ekkiden. Ekkiden, inspired by the Japanese ekiden relay race, champions teamwork and personal growth. The relay concept is central to their rapid expansion, emphasising collaboration and respect. 

“The consultancy sector is highly dynamic and provides significant value to businesses, including modernisation, digitalisation, and improved performance,” stated Geoffrey Behaghel, CEO of Ekkiden. “However, both our customers and consultants have expressed frustrations, indicating a need to reconsider current practices. Our aim has always been, and continues to be, to offer a meaningful alternative by establishing an innovative, ambitious, and agile European consultancy group,” he added.  

Ekkiden organises its teams by sector or by expertise, in well-defined divisions, which guarantees a real understanding of the fields they address, their issues, their challenges and their context. Their "Squads" model unites consultants working on a common field. Within each group, consultants can develop new skills, help each other, and discover management and mentoring. Squads foster learning, cross-team cooperation, as well as developing their network. This ecosystem of committed consultants propels Ekkiden’s three main fields of expertise: digital, industrial, and sustainable transformation. 

  • Digital transformation. Data and digital technologies can be used to improve operational efficiency and security, digitalise internal processes, guarantee a unique customer experience, and personalise offers and journeys while promoting strategic decision-making.  
  • Industrial transformation. Improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, adopting new technologies such as automation and AI, optimising the supply chain, and reducing production costs are key topics involved in this transformation process.  
  • Sustainable transformation. From data management to eco-design, from energy efficiency to empowering value chains, sustainable transformation is a cross-functional issue that calls on a wide range of skills.  

Ekkiden places the development and fulfilment of its people at the heart of its priorities, as their baseline shows “Growing by growing others”. The company contributes to their professional and personal development through various programs, actions, and initiatives. Different strategies are set up for employees, e.g. half-yearly and annual interviews, an employee satisfaction survey, career development projects, as well as a learning & development programme. Internal development is an ongoing field that will introduce further projects and trainings that adapt to employees’ needs and ensures their proper integration. 

Furthermore, the in-house podcast Innovation Leaders, hosted by Geoffrey Behaghel, has created an ecosystem of tech and innovation leaders. This podcast enables consultants and field professionals to benefit from quality content to help them grow and reassures them that the company has the capacity to understand the challenges facing their sectors. 

Regarding sustainable efficiency, Ekkiden achieved the EcoVadis silver medal in the first quarter of 2023, placing them among the top 25% of the most sustainable companies in the EcoVadis network. Ekkiden's commitment to fostering inclusivity and workplace security is evident through their Code of Ethics and their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Additionally, joining the United Nations' Global Compact aligns Ekkiden’s operations with universal principles covering human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. 


About Ekkiden

Ekkiden is an international consultancy group that provides services to large companies to optimise their digital, industrial, and sustainable transformation. Recognised with the EcoVadis certification, this human-centric consultancy operates in 15 countries and has 7 offices in four European countries. Founded in France, in 2019, Ekkiden is uniquely positioned to reinvent the world of consulting, counting with an ecosystem of consultants, and internal teams that work together to ensure a personalised, rewarding, and innovative experience. For more information about Ekkiden’s journey, visit or contact:


Lyon, France