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With TogetherbyTech our mission is simple: to help you grow throughout your career. Whether you have a job or are looking for a job, we will accompany you in your development. TogetherbyTech provides you with a space for you to exchange and share knowledge, to allow you to learn by connecting with the best in your sector. 
Togetherbytech brings together those who believe that technology and innovation unleash the potential of teams and organisations.  

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Never stop learning

This is one of the key values at Ekkiden and one that we are keen to share. We provide you with quality content so that you can always learn, whether it's throughout our network of experts, training courses, webinars, articles, meetings, or our Innovation Leaders podcast. Technology is applied to infinitely varied universes to which you have access to accelerate the development of your culture and skills. 

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Keep in touch

The network is essential for growth. Joining Togetherbytech means gaining access to a network of experts sharing advice, expertise, and experience. We connect you with the best in your field via our community, squads, and chat. You interact with people who look like you, share the same passion, values, and skills as you do. Let us know if you have any doubts or needs, we surely have someone who can give you a hand!

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Boost your career

TogetherbyTech allows everyone to develop their career, whether you are actively searching or simply curious. We support you through mentoring, coaching, or personalised advice sessions in your search for a job, internship or mission, and give you privileged access to our offers, as well as those of our partners. They have contributed to our community, and we are proud of them.

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To sum-up, joining Togetherbytech means 

👉 Developing your network

👉 Access to quality content

👉 Keeping up to date with the latest trends

👉 Access to selected job offers and assignments

👉 Being aware of the main events related to technology and innovation

👉 Access to free training courses

👉 The possibility of being coached

👉 Access to experts in many fields

👉 Benefit from career advice

👉 Access to our partners' offers

... And all for free!


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