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Freelance, employee, entrepreneur, consultant: how to choose?

The doubt about what kind of employment you want has probably popped into your mind at some point. We shelled each of them, extracting highlights and downsides, plus testimony of someone who is in that position. In case of doubt, look for the one that fits you best.

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Freelance, employee, entrepreneur, consultant: how to choose?

When you’re starting a professional life, whether it’s your first job or a reorientation, you can easily be lost between all the available work organisations offered by the current working landscape. Being an employee, becoming a freelancer, launching yourself as an entrepreneur or opting for a career as a consultant: each has its own advantages and perks. But do not panic! We’re there to guide you through each career style and to help you find the path that suits your aspirations and lifestyle best.

Freelancing: instability and freedom

Freelancing is the work organisation that will give you the most freedom. You're your own boss, and you have total control over your projects and your schedule. Gone are the constraints of a traditional office: you can work from anywhere in the world and choose the assignments you want to work on.

👍 As a freelancer, you enjoy exceptional flexibility. You can organise your schedule as you see fit, balancing work and personal life seamlessly. What's more, you have the freedom to choose your clients and projects, allowing you to work on subjects you're really passionate about!

👎 However, freelancing can also present challenges. You have to constantly seek out new clients and manage your finances independently. Job stability can be uncertain, which can lead to anxiety… What's more, you're solely responsible for your own success, which demands impeccable discipline and time management.

Choose freelancing if you’re a self-starter, creative and resourceful. You have to be comfortable working alone and to have the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Moreover, a passion for your field of expertise is an essential driving force behind your success as a freelancer!




Freelancing means choosing who you work for, choosing your income, negotiating it when you want and managing it as you see fit.

Pierre, Project Manager



Salaried employment: limitations and consistency

Salaried employment offers the stability and security of a regular job. As an employee, you're part of a team within a company, and enjoy a wide range of social benefits.

👍 Being an employee gives you financial stability with a regular income and benefits such as health insurance, paid vacations and sometimes even a share in the company's profits. You work as part of a team, which fosters exchange and collaboration. Even better: you can take advantage of training and development opportunities within the company to get a promotion!

👎 However, salaried employment can also entail certain constraints. You're bound by a fixed work schedule and must comply with company policies and procedures. Your freedom of action may be more limited than with freelance status. In addition, internal competition can sometimes make career progression more difficult.

Choose salaried employment if you’re a person who appreciates stability and security. You have to be at ease in a structured environment and value collaboration with your colleagues. It’s the best option if you seek to develop your skills and progress within your company!



Salaried employment is the best option for me: I need someone to supervise me and I'm sure to have a stable salary at the end of each month. Plus, depending of the company you're working for, you can have very advantageous benefits!

Mathilde, Social Media & Content Manager


Entrepreneur: control and responsibility

Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to build your own business and realize your own ideas. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for all decisions and have the freedom to create your own vision!

👍 As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life and create something new. You're your own boss and have total control over your business. You can shape your working environment and work on projects you're passionate about. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to generate higher incomes and enjoy greater financial freedom. Not a detail nowadays!

👎 However, entrepreneurship is also a demanding path. You have to take on all the responsibilities of your business, which can be stressful and require personal sacrifice. Getting started can be difficult, and you'll need perseverance, resilience and supportive surroundings to overcome obstacles. Not to forget: you'll have to manage all aspects of your business, which can lead to a heavy workload. That’s the price of being the boss!

Choose entrepreneurship if you’re an ambitious, creative and passionate person. You have to be willing to take risks and invest time and energy in your business. It’s the more convenient if you want to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and you're willing to work hard to get there!


8T1A9546-2The advantages are numerous: being an entrepreneur allows me to implement the vision I have (in terms of management, but also in terms of disrupting the consulting world). What's more, I'm free to take initiatives and organize my days at my own pace. It's a fantastic opportunity to be able to touch on everything, especially when you're curious like me! Entrepreneurship also gives you the opportunity to work only with the people you want to work with.

Geoffrey, CEO


Consultant: expertise and challenges

Consulting enables you to bring your expertise to bear on a wide range of business issues. As a consultant, you're a sought-after expert and have the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects!

👍 As a consultant, you're considered an expert in your field. You can work on challenging and very different projects, keeping you constantly learning and developing your skills. Ideal if you get bored easily! And in our case, we give you the chance to meet your peers through our squads that encourage exchange, mentoring and collaboration.

👎 However, consulting can also be challenging. You're constantly on the lookout for new contracts, and you're subject to tight deadlines. Pressure can be higher as a consultant, as you constantly have to prove your worth and meet customer expectations. And that’s where we enter the game: we are in charge of providing you projects, so you just have to chill and go with the flow!

Choose consulting if you’re an analytical person, with great expertise in your field. This kind of career is perfect if you are comfortable working with different teams and have the ability to solve complex problems. It’s the best way to cultivate your curiosity and your will to lookout for new knowledge and skills.




As a consultant, you have the opportunity to approach important companies and work on different projects. Being part of a big team also gives you the chance to know colleagues with better skills and learn from them.

José, Software Developer



Whether you choose to be a freelancer, employee, entrepreneur or consultant, each of these careers has its advantages and perks. It's important to take your aspirations, skills and lifestyle into account when choosing the path that suits you best.

Remember also that you can experience each one in different times of your life! A lot of bridges can be built when switching to another, and it can only bring more value to your profile. Trust your instincts and follow your passion, and you'll find the career that fulfills you the most.

And if you’re particularly interested in becoming a consultant, check out our article about how we build ourselves around you!