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CodeOp: supporting a more inclusive tech world

For the second year, we collaborated with CodeOp, a school that advocates for inclusion in the tech world. We couldn't agree more with their mission, so we imparted two workshops revolving around recruitment in the tech world. The alignment of their philosophy with our values called for some cooperation.

Image by © George Bakos via Unsplash

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CodeOp: supporting a more inclusive tech world

We are well aware that the tech world is not that inclusive. That's why since our birth, we advocate strongly for a more diverse tech landscape.

More than words, we want to take actions in favour of this important cause. That's why we're super thrilled to celebrate our second participation to CodeOp's Career Week

By working with this awesome partner, we really want to change the culture of tech and put the spotlight on providing support and training to empower the tech passionate, no matter who they are. 


We are really happy to share our excitement about being invited for a second time by CodeOp to conduct two workshops during their career week, with the main objective of making an impact on the future of the tech environment. 

In case you're not familiar with CodeOp, let us introduce you to this remarkable initiative. CodeOp is a school that was established to address the gender and equity disparity issues that exist in the technology sector. With campuses in Barcelona, London, and Malaysia, as well as the option for remote classes, CodeOp is truly embracing the opportunities and issues of the 21st century. 

What sets CodeOp apart is that it is the first international tech school specifically designed for women, transgender individuals, and non-binary individuals who are seeking to transition or upskill in the tech field within a safe and inclusive environment

At Ekkiden, we wholeheartedly believe that CodeOp's initiative is a major footstep toward a more diverse tech environment, and we are thrilled to be a part of it for a few workshops. 


An obvious partnership 

This is our second partnership with CodeOp that aims at providing their students with insights of the tech industry. Indeed, this sector has its own codes, processes and ways of thinking. And it can be hard to decipher how to stand out from the crowd to the eyes of companies. 

That's why three of our recruitment experts dedicated their time and skills to give two workshops for the CodeOp students, guiding them through the tech industry jungle. 

The first workshop focused on interviews. In the tech industry, they are very specific: our team explained the tyes of processes students could face in the future and how to distinguish themselves by highlighting their skills and qualities. To ensure that they could navigate easily into their future career journey in a successful way!

Then, the second workshop revolved around the effective use of LinkedIn and how recruiters in the tech industry utilise this social platform. Understanding the tools that recruiters use and leveraging them to your advantage can make a significant difference in career opportunities. We hope that our advice and insights on the matter can empower CodeOp students in finding their dream job!  


Working hand-in-hand to empower diversity 

Our collaboration with CodeOp allows us to translate our values into action. We believe in forging meaningful relationships with organisations that prioritise the creation of a better work environment and embrace diversity. Many organisations claim to promote inclusivity and diversity, but often fall short when it comes to taking actions.  

At Ekkiden, we do things differently. We genuinely care about forging a positive work environment aligned with our ideal of a tolerant, respectful, and diverse tech world.

Moreover, having CodeOp as our partner reinforces all our core values:

  • Smarter together: by helping CodeOp students, we contribute to a more inclusive tech world. For us, more inclusion equals more intelligence!
  • Do it with integrity: we have at heart to make our values and ambitions concrete through this kind of partnership.
  • Change the game: we are challengers, so we want to challenge the current tech codes in terms of recruitment!
  • Never stop learning: animating these workshops is a great occasion for us to improve our recruitment skills thanks to the numerous interactions with the students!
  • Smile & shine: we deeply care about empowering CodeOp students so they can develop their leadership and become the best tech talents of tomorrow!

We also value feedback and the impact our workshops had on the CodeOp students. Here are a few testimonials from some of the participants: 

"Anna and Jules covered a lot of informations that was super useful for our upcoming job search!” 

“Personally I found it SUPER filled with information which is good!” 


Our partnership with CodeOp always enables us to make a tangible impact by empowering students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the tech industry. We remain committed to our values and will continue to support initiatives that foster inclusivity, diversity, and personal growth!

Are you aligned and interested by this partnership? Discover more on our about page!