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What we believe in: smile & shine

Ekkiden's values are not only for show, as these five testimonies prove. Smile & shine is one of our values, by which we look forward to everyone feeling comfortable at work and able to develop. We believe in a workspace that can help you grow and that nurtures employees, personally and professionally.
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Smile And Shine

Is fulfilment at work a dream? Absolutely not. Being able to be yourself, not having to walk on thin ice every time you want to talk to someone and not be vigilant: that’s what all employees dream. And we have made it our spearhead! We do everything so when our team comes to work, they don’t feel like working. It’s a mission that’s part of our company culture: thoughtfulness, caring, smile and shine.

What does it mean? That when you’re working with us, you have the opportunity to shine through the ownership of your expertise, and then smile because you feel good and yourself being a leader of your own subjects! That’s the reason to be of our Smile & shine value, shared by everyone at Ekkiden. Only words, you say? No, and we gathered several testimonies to show you how our team integrate this value in their work life.

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International HR & Office administrator


What makes you smile?

My job allows me to provide a strong corporate identity for Ekkiden: I’m always feeling extremely helpful to the company! In order to pursue my desire to help my colleagues, I developed the ‘buddy program’ with my fellow interns. Its goal? Facilitating the onboarding process for new joiners by appointing someone other than their manager to support them. We have excellent feedback and I hope to contribute to other projects like this one! I’m also glad to have joined the HR department, because my teammates are always joyful and have become more than colleagues now.

What makes you shine?

The buddy program is a part of what is called the Next Generation Program, which fosters every initiative brought by interns. It's the perfect example of how Ekkiden empowers its interns and wants them to gain leadership by launching projects outside their department and missions! Thanks to this program, I was able to learn about new aspects of a company’s daily life in a more global perspective and even reinforce my skills in project management!


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Internal Talent Acquisition


What makes you smile?

I wish to everyone to be able to find what I found in Ekkiden: a place where you grow and evolve. Honestly, I think that nobody should have to look for less than that in a job, because that’s what makes me happy to go to work every day! And it’s essential for me to smile as I am the first contact with the company for candidates.

What makes you shine?

Ekkiden really believes in the right to make mistakes and to learn from them. Plus, I proved at multiple times that I was trustworthy, so I gained a lot of responsibility quickly: I have been able to develop my language and my managerial skills by hiring an intern to support me in my activities. As my job is about finding Ekkiden’s new Oscar winning member, I shine by building a different and a happy consulting environment!


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Legal Assistant


What makes you smile?

I started as an intern for my end-of-studies in the legal department of Ekkiden. What I enjoy the most about my job is that I can work with our four international teams in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. It’s a way to smile four times more than usual! Moreover, I’m more than happy to be involved in a company that is committed into offering a safe place to everyone. No matter who you are or how you identify, if you want to smile in your job, Ekkiden is clearly the place to be!

What makes you shine?

Every time I had an idea to improve our activity, Ekkiden has given me an opportunity to put it in place. For instance, a few months ago, we created the Diversity & Inclusion committee to improve our guidelines on these subjects in our workspace and I had the chance to be a part of this project. That’s something I really advocate for, and I was listened! Everyone is very enthusiastic when it comes to develop new projects whatever the department concerned by them! Our team is gathering around one simple goal: the wish to help others.


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Business Manager


What makes you smile?

I don’t come from technically-suit studies to be a Business Manager, but with a great management and the possibility to make mistakes and learn from them, I was able to assimilate everything in a short amount of time. Everyone is very positive: the members of my office in Lyon and I are always sticking together so we can support ourselves when we’re feeling down. Also, my teammates (whatever the office) are very caring, and I always had the opportunity to speak about my doubts, questions or worries with them!

What makes you shine?

I’m a challenge-loving and daring person, and Ekkiden perfectly embraces this kind of need. There is no rude competition but a very strong sense of lifting others so everyone can grow altogether! Thanks to this mindset, Ekkiden is the first company where I feel genuinely acknowledged without adopting values that I’m not aligned with. Everything, from the working environment to management, is made to be the best version of myself!


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Omnichannel Business Analyst


What makes you smile?

I have an enthusiastic spirit, I’m always in a great mood, and I see the glass as half full rather than half empty: that’s my way of thinking and that’s why I was immediately seduced by Ekkiden’s mindset. At Ekkiden, I always feel welcomed, and I experienced this specially with Geoffrey, the CEO. When I joined Ekkiden, he took the time to meet me, introduced me to the company values, and it made a big difference! Here, the team takes care of me, and despite what's on paper, there are actions behind the words.

What makes you shine?

I am a great communicator, and the whole company is like that. It’s all about nurturing and pushing everyone forward. Very motivating! That’s why I like to say that Ekkiden chose me as much as I chose them. Furthermore, when the company says that its consultants work with them, they mean it for real: I became part of the Employee Representative Committee to represent the consultant part of the team! I also got a lot of opportunities to mentor other consultants: Ekkiden never says no if my idea is heading in the right direction. Companies like this are very rare and should be cherished!


At the core of our Smile & Shine value, we spread and embody safety at work, a caring and supportive work environment and the possibility of growing by growing others. And we created a lot of occasions to demonstrate our love throughout our team: we implemented coffee times so you can get to know your teammates even if you’re not in the same office, we organize afterworks with our consultants and we like to congratulate each other with kudos during our monthly remote gathering. A lot of interesting traditions!

Do you want to join? Check out our other values and let’s achieve big things together. It’s your time to smile and shine!