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Our constructive and human recruitment process!

At Ekkiden, we know that our power is in our team and that is why we put great care in the recruiting process. From first contact to the final yes there are several steps that help us, as well as you, know if we are a good match for each other. Even in the case of a no, we try to learn from it, and we want you to understand our reasons.
Recruitment is our most valuable tool to make the change we want to see.

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Our constructive and human recruitment process!

Recruitment is a task that needs dedication: companies must find the right person, with the right skills and mindset at the right time. As the task becomes harder every day, consultancy companies try to create different recruitment processes and work experience by distinguishing themselves from their competitors to attract the top talents. 

At Ekkiden, we are constantly adapting to the markets and reassess our best recruiting practices. We aim at making our processes more simple, more effective, and especially more human! This last point belongs to our core capstones, and as human resources professionals, we are always looking for improvement, to give you, job candidates, a unique and fitting recruiting and hiring process.  

This article is made for you to understand what is going to happen when you'll decide to apply for one of our offers, the most important steps of our journey together, and how our team seeks to deliver a customised candidate experience full of employment opportunities. 

As managing human experts, consultancies are the first ones aware by this fierce competition of talent acquisition and seek to do things differently, so the challenge is even bigger when it comes to optimising matches between you and a client and attracting the best talents to us. 

Connecting your profile with a need

Once we received the confirmed need or job offer from the client, we look for the profile of the candidate that we need. We promote the job descriptions on the job boards we use, to receive your application and promote our vacancies. You can find us on these platforms, where we track record of every application we receive:  



All countries




Pôle Emploi







Discovering you 

After the appraisal of your application and resume, whether you apply as a trainee or permanent contract, our recruiters proceed to the 'discovery call' stage (or as we like to call it, DisCalls).  

A typical discovery call lasts 10 to 15 minutes and the main goal is to have a brief preview of your profile, your availability and your openness to job opportunities, and to introduce you to Ekkiden, our mission and values, the current projects, salary expectations, remote working conditions, our policies and procedures… 

The discovery call is a very important part of our recruiting process, because it is our very first contact with you as a potential future member of our talent pool


Making sure everything is clear for you 

It's the time to check if your profile corresponds to the offer, to get to know you better and to learn more about your motivations. If you could fit the job, we schedule a first interview between you and the manager, so that you can exchange and obtain more information about the projects, safety and health insurance, qualifications needed, compensation and benefits, work environment, payroll, company culture… 

The goal behind this interviewing is to determine the fit between you and the job. Afterwards, the manager will follow your whole process, and introduce your profile to the client. 


It’s a match ! 

You can be part of Ekkiden by following two scenarios :

  1. If the client is seduced by your skills and profile, you will meet with him/her so that you can discuss the mission in more details. At this step, we see if the harmony is good between everybody involved. Then, the client will give you the green light to start the work. After reaching to an agreement between both parts, the project is won for you, the client, and us : congrats, you are officially part of the Ekkiden workforce! Be ready for the onboarding!


  1. If we fall in admiration for your profile, it can be approved without meeting a client. We give you the green light to start a journey together, and quickly find you a project to work on. 


The Squads 

You want to get more involved ? In our vision of challenging traditional recruitment processes, we came up with the idea of boosting our human capital by creating groups of consultants who seek to develop on a common topic, and where team members can carry out new projects that allow their professional, personal and interpersonal growth beyond their daily tasks : the Squads

Through this ambitious project, Ekkiden wants to stimulate our employees development through training programs, courseworks and collaboration of every member of our team, regardless of their department or experience. The goal is to offer concrete career opportunities for our consultants to learn and grow in new sectors such as business, finances, or recruitment, while respecting a sane work-life balance! 

If you want to unleash your career development in contact with other consultants and have a real impact on Ekkiden, do not hesitate any longer, and join the squads or create your own! 


Wrong time, wrong place… 

Unfortunately, a refusal can happen at any step of our process if you’re not matching our team perspective, nor the client expectations. However, we want you to learn from this experience. That’s why we make sure to give you strong and complete feedback as soon as possible. 

You can also ask us your questions about our hiring process to understand better our choice and improve yourself afterwards. Ekkiden always ensures that everyone finds their way in our processes, whether you become part of our team or not.    


Let’s keep in touch ! 

Whatever the response you’ll be given, Ekkiden guarantees you professional and personal development, well-being and total fulfillment in your professional adventure. This is just a goodbye. In the future, we may have a job offer that suits you better, so we suggest that you stay in touch with us and keep following us on LinkedIn where we do regular job posting. 

If our recruitment process is still not clear for you, we made an infography which summarises this article (click on the picture to be able to zoom).



Ready to apply? 

If we convinced you to participate in the journey of Ekkiden, you can find our job offers on our Career page. We are eager to meet you !