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4 advantages of being a consultant at Ekkiden

Our name comes from the Japanese relay sport ekiden, which is played in teams. This sport is in perfect harmony with our values because we work hand in hand with you to offer the best career: the one that suits you.  

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4 advantages of being a consultant at Ekkiden

Our goal is to accompany you in your missions, to train you and above all, to offer you a personalized and unique experience. In this way, we are always close to your expectations and are able to meet them.

Take advantage of an ecosystem full of opportunities 

At Ekkiden, we want to break away from the traditional pattern of consulting companies and build an innovative business model. That's why we do everything we can to meet the growing expectations of our consultants in terms of responsiveness, quality, agility and competitiveness.  

Every team of our internal organization are there to offer you the support you need to provide a dynamic and innovative working environment and thus help you to achieve and surpass yourself in your projects.  

Thanks to their expertise, management and network, our Business Managers are there to understand and answer your needs, as they are experts in their field thanks to their experience and their studies. 

Being able to work on different projects for a wide range of sectors and clients (automotive, aerospace, luxury, retail, surgical robotics...) helps to improve your learning curve.  

In addition, our clients include international names such as LVMH, Carrefour, Orange, the UN, Lisi Aerospace, Mercedes, Centrale Supélec, etc. These famous clients represent many opportunities and challenges to take

In short, you will never be bored, and you will have the opportunity to stand out in large (and not so large) companies.  

Our team will also help you grow your professional network, as we are always in contact with different clients who can be of great support in future professional projects.  

Moreover, our HR department leads an internal training program to help you improve your soft and hard skills, so you are always up to date about your market and ready to shine

Thanks to internal communication projects, we support your personal development with exclusive content and inspirational conferences. 💭

'Although I work with them as a contractor, I have always felt like a member of the team, with a personal and direct treatment, unlike other consultancies where I was just a number'

CRM consultant on Glassdoor


Join a team that wants to know you  

Our teams pay a lot of attention to your opinion and views, whether it is about pure tech or your training needs.   

As soon as you join Ekkiden, you will have frequent contact with the BM who has been following you so far. He or she will call you regularly to check on your project, your assignments and your well-being.  

You also benefit from an onboarding course fitting your specific needs and mission, so you can start your project in the best conditions! 

The whole team is there to answer every need you could have: the HR team can make your adventure with Ekkiden a tremendous win, the finance team can help you if you encounter administrative problems, the marketing & communication team can support your brand and communication needs... We are there for you in any case! 

In addition, we also organise regular events, physical or digital, so that you can meet the team and other consultants working in the same field as you! 

Every month, we send each of our consultants a report on the latest news, successes, figures, etc. The purpose is to keep track of the progress of the various projects underway and to see the impact you have on Ekkiden's activity.

We also have the practice of organizing coffee times. These are 30-minutes sessions where you can share a coffee, remotely or not, with someone who works at Ekkiden (staff or consultant). The aim is to get to know each other better and to create a bond.  

It is important for us that you know who you are working with!  

Finally, to share the good news between you and our internal teams, we have created a groupchat on Teams! It's a space where everyone can talk about their latest achievements or productions that they're proud of, so that everyone can stay motivated and congratulate each other. We also share news, birthdays, life moments, in short, happy days


Be part of an international community of experts 

One of our greatest assets is our international scope. Indeed, Ekkiden is 20 nationalities, as many languages spoken and different cultures, offices in 4 European countries and a community of about 10,000 experts worldwide.  

Ekkiden also provides a community of tech professionals who are passionate about learning via the TogetherbyTech platform, so that you can exchange, network and share with your peers. This community is intended to become a self-managed ecosystem.  

Within this community, Ekkiden goes beyond knowledge sharing and promotes networking and skill development by offering events and training

TogetherbyTech is an open space, not only for all our candidates, but also for every tech enthusiast looking to take their career to the next level.   

Every piece of content added is a new opportunity to grow. So, we offer you several spaces ranging from the latest industry news, tips and advice for your job search, to events and articles.  

If that's not enough for you, we've also set up a digital meeting for our consultants to share the latest news and projects, review last quarter's figures and talk about the quarter ahead.   

If you are afraid of being isolated as a consultant and disconnected from your peers, Ekkiden is the ideal solution! 

Furthermore, many tech and innovation experts gravitate around Ekkiden through the podcast hosted by our founder and CEO Innovation Leaders, which hosts the best European tech leaders of today and tomorrow. 


Develop your skills beyond your job 

We aim to build an organization that unleashes the potential of our people and brings out the best in each of them.  

With this in mind, we have also created squads: these are teams composed solely of consultants and organised by sector, location or technological affinity. Within these squads, you benefit from privileged links with your peers, resources, training and support

The reason for this ambitious project is to encourage the participation of all the members of our team, regardless of department or experience. It is also a good opportunity for you to develop your professional career through contact with other consultants and to make a real impact on the company.  

But your connection with Ekkiden doesn't end there. We recognise that in traditional consultancies it is difficult for some consultants to feel fully involved in the business with the internal teams.   

At Ekkiden, we want to change this through teamwork between you and our internal teams. The creation of this collaborative link helps us to go further and to see beyond in order to perpetuate a healthy and sustainable organization

To this end, each of our consultants can occasionally take part in side projects within each department.

Have you always wanted to know how a recruitment process works? Would you like to participate in the creation of goodies? Would you like to try your hand at writing articles? It's possible, and even recommended

Our teams will be happy to integrate you into ongoing projects, and it's a great way to take a break from technical tasks

All the benefits we offer are intended to create a different proposal for reinventing the world of consulting. We are based on an open model, allowing everyone to have an impact that facilitates exchanges, synergies, initiatives and the development of new skills and knowledge sharing

Your well-being is our priority

Interested in what we offer?

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